Whether you are a school, organisation or sporting club! We want to help and we can help you raise money.

We believe that an opportunity exists for us to assist in running a fundraising program with your school, organisation or club. In partnership with you, we could set up a program to raise funds with 100% of the profits donated to you!

We have worked with various organisations in a variety of ways to help raise money. Each school, organisation or club is unique and we would love the opportunity to discuss and develop a strategy that works best for you. On average we move around 150 units of the 3 packs and around 130 of the 2 packs, which means on average we raise approximately $1000. But really, there is NO limit! (see table below)

20’s Teabags 3 Pack RRP $15                   (Combined value) $10 Fundraiser price             (Fundraiser offer) $4 Donation per 3pack             (100% of profits)
20’s Teabags 2 Pack RRP $10                (Combined value) $8 Fundraiser price               (Fundraiser offer) $3 Donation per 2pack            (100% of profits)

We can supply and deliver the stock FREE of charge and assist in the implementation of the program. For example; The setting up and manning of a table at your school fete.

Our teas are an already established health food brand and are all natural, healthy, sugar-free, ethical, contain no preservatives or artificial flavours and are gluten-free. The perfect product for fundraising in this health conscious society. This product is successful because the products are healthy, they can be consumed hot or cold and are easily identifiable as being great value for money.

We are a family run, Australian owned and operated business and we are based in NSW. We have a range of all natural Health/Herbal teas which are sold around Australia in health food stores and in health food sections.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you. We would be happy to attend any Committee meeting, P&C or school meeting to present this idea for discussion. Please email or contact us via our contact us page, leave your details and we will contact you.

The perfect product. The perfect idea. The perfect fundraiser. Lets go!