Onno Behrends Tea

A premium range of all natural, ethical quality teas.

A mix of old favourites and our signature teas.

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Favourites Range

Camomile, Fennel, Rosehip, Peppermint, Green & Lemongrass.

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Signature Range

Ginger Lemon, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Slimmtee, Detoxtee

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In 1886 George Onno Behrends opened his first retail shop in Norden (East Fresia) in northern Germany, and in 1887 added tea to the range.

Such was the demand for his fine tea, that by 1899 Onno Behrends Tea was sold in over 2,000 shops in Germany

Quickly developing a reputation for quality, the business expanded and a special tea production plant was constructed in Norden.

In 1920 George Onno Behrends died and his son, Bernard Behrends took over the business, and it continued its formidable reputation for quality

In 1962 Bernard Behrends died and Dr Heiko Behrends took over the business, further establishing the Onno behrends brand in Germany, but later also establishing links with Abel Lemon and Co in Australia.

Abel Lemon and Co obtained the rights to the Onno Behrends brand in Australia from Dr Heiko Behrends and began imports in 1978.

In 1988 Dr Behrends sold the Onno Behrends business to German Tea company Laurens Spethmann GmbH and Co. based in Seevetal Germany. Onno Behrends is a brand of OTG, a major German Tea company and is renowned still today for its quality and real tea flavour.


By the early 80’s Onno Behrends Herbal Tea was sold across Australia through Health Food Stores, and had quickly earned a reputation for quality and consistency.

Onno Behrends was at the forefront of an emerging Health Tea revolution in Australia, and the Onno Behrends range concentrated on health and herbal teas, and grew strongly, eventually establishing itself as the leading Health Food brand of herbal tea.

The new millennium saw commissioning of production facilities in Sri Lanka, and although traditional German ingredients and herbs were still used in the herbal range, the actual packaging was carried out in Sri Lanka.

TODAY Onno Behrends Tea in Australia, is 100% Australian owned and continues to be sold through Healthy Food outlets and is not a discount grocery brand, and does not sacrifice quality for commercial supermarket imperatives.


Abel Lemon Distribution supports the right to a fair price for farmers for their produce. We never knowingly use products produced through child labour or unethical process’s.

Our packaging is constructed from recycled ingredients where possible and is fully recyclable. Even the used teabags can be used as a mulch for pot plants and the garden! Our ingredients are NON GM, and we use no artificial ingredients……….just natural organic ingredients.